Our Estate

The roots of F.J. Weis Estate can be traced back to 1710. Peter Weis studied viniculture and management and has, for over thirty years, been running and expanding the family business on what is now more than 7.5 hectares. The vineyards are mainly on steep or very steep slopes located in the wine area of Zeller Schwarze Katz. It comes then as no surprise that the Riesling here is extraordinary with an exceptional, prize-winning quality. The different locations bring a surprisingly variety of aromas, each waiting to be discovered and developed.

Take a journey of discovery and try something different: Rivaner – great to asparagus, Kerner – for the mellower palate, coming soon Weißburgunder – low on acidity with an intensive fruity aroma. If you are looking for proof that red wine from the Moselle can keep up with international standards then try the Schwarzriesling, Spätburgunder and Dornfelder from Peter Weis.


Der Betrieb erhält für seine Leistungen in
Agrarumwelt- und Klimamaßnahmen:

Umweltschonender Steil- und Steilstlagenweinbau

einen Ausgleich durch:

den Europäischen Landwirtschaftsfonds für die Entwicklung des ländlichen Raums (ELER): hier investiert Europa in die ländlichen Gebieteim Rahmen des

rheinland-pfälzischen Entwicklungsprogramms „Umweltmaßnahmen, Ländliche Entwicklung, Landwirtschaft, Ernährung“

(EULLE) mitfinanziert durch das Land Rheinland-Pfalz.

Europäische Union