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Mehrere Edelstahltanks in Reihe

Our Estate

The roots of F.J. Weis Estate can be traced back to 1710. Peter Weis studied viniculture and management and has, for over thirty years, been running and expanding the family business on what is now more than 7.5 hectares. The vineyards are mainly on steep or very steep slopes located in the wine area of Zeller Schwarze Katz. It comes then as no surprise that the Riesling here is extraordinary with an exceptional, prize-winning quality. The different locations bring a surprisingly variety of aromas, each waiting to be discovered and developed.

Take a journey of discovery and try something different: Rivaner – great to asparagus, Kerner – for the mellower palate, coming soon Weißburgunder – low on acidity with an intensive fruity aroma. If you are looking for proof that red wine from the Moselle can keep up with international standards then try the Schwarzriesling, Spätburgunder and Dornfelder from Peter Weis.

Vineyard locations


Zeller Pommerell – my favourite sports ground

Rocky cliffs, numerous terraces and blue slate formed the Pommerell into an unconventional and very steep vineyard. The cliffs main component of blue slate provides a good water storage. Even strong sun and long periods of dryness can not harm the deep rooting vines, in this lies the strength of the Pommerell and the vinter. The results are unusually light and fresh wines.

vineyard location PommerellThis, our steepest vineyard, is fitted out with a monorail. The rail is used to transport fertilizer and work tools up and, of course, in autumn the grapes down. The transport of passengers is allowed and our holiday guests and customers can enjoy an adrenalin boost during the journey with this unusual vehicle. Arriving at the top one is rewarded with a romantic view over Zell.

The Wine: Our favourite. The Pommerell is a part of the family: fresh, finely acidic, fruity and very mineral. A complex wine with its own character and discerning fans.

Zeller Kreuzlay – Relaxation and Spa

vineyard location KreuzlayWe saved this 1.7 hectare vineyard from going wild. It is situated high above Zell and delivers a fantastic view over Zell and down over our estate. This is our newest aquisition.

The Wine: The dry, very fruity Riesling from 2011 was so good that we named it our wine of the year. Medium dry wines with a distinctive, fruity note are also produced in this steep vineyard.

Zeller Petersborn-Kapertchen

The name Petersborn-Kapertchen is from the latin caput meaning – head back.
For a long time, wines from this vineyard have belonged to the best in Germany.
In 1868 a prussian classification attested to the great quality of this vineyard.

The Wine: A melt in the mouth moment with loads of fruity aromas from citrus fruits, peach, ripe apples and passion fruit. A rich mineral structure.

Zeller Burglay-Felsen

This steep vineyard is built on deep reaching weathered slate. The vines root deep and store fruit and minerals from the crumbling blue slate. This vineyard is also classified as first class.

The Wine: Full-bodied, komplex with mineral and fruity overtones.

Zeller Geisberg

Definatly the vineyard with the most temperament. Its south facing location and generous depth of soil provides the vines with an advantage in the growing period.

The Wine: Wine from the Geisberg shows its worth early. This early advantage is reflected in our Kabinett. Light and pleasant.

Zeller Nussberg – my ski slope

Vines in this area grow near the Moselle and benefit from the warmth stored by the river and enjoy the heat of the sun through to the evening. Recently it became famous as the first ski slope in Zell.

The Wine: Not only does our noble, filigree Spätlese grow here but soon we will be able to offer a light Weissburgunder, low in acidity, from this area.

Merler Klosterberg

This vineyard profits from the sun in the west until late in the evening. The slate rich soil gives a nice round mineral taste.

The Wine: Our classic medium dry comes from this vineyard: lots of fruity overtones with a moderate acidity and a bit of bite – a mouth full of Riesling.

Merler Fettgarten

Top location. Medium soil depth stony with quartz and slate.

The Wine: The name says it all, fat garden. Here the riesling grows heavy, fullbodied, a little plump, fruity and usually medium dry. A force to be reckoned with.


White wine

white wineOur white wines, more than 80% Riesling, c.10% Rivaner and c.10% Kerner are typical of their sort, fruity and fresh. The slate gives them minerality. All white wines, as with our other wines, are hand-picked and carefully nurtured from beginning to end. They are stored in modern stainless steel tanks. The harvest 2013 brings a newcomer to the range, the Weißburgunder.

Red wine

red wineOur red wines consist of Spätburgunder, Schwarzriesling and Dornfelder. The grapes are mashed and then left to ferment. The „juice“ storage then takes place in big wooden barrels, a small amount is stored in small barrique barrels. Here it is allowed to stay as long as it takes to reach its full potential..

Sekt and Secco

red wineOur Sekt – all Riesling – is produced traditionally using the champagne method. Sekt should be part of every special event or party.

Franzsecco: Our light, sparkling wine for every opportunity: on nice sunny days, in the garden, on the patio, as welcome drink, as a gift…

Weisheit (wisdom – wordplay with family name)

red wineThe commendation „Weisheit“ is given by us every year to the wine from our range that we consider is extra special. This tradition started almost 10 years ago. Sometimes there are hidden stories or little secrets behind this choice, „wisdom“ you can taste.