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Good wine starts in the vineyard

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Die Familie WeisSome of our team: Ingo, Judith, Estate Manager Peter and his wife Lissa. (from left to right).

What for more than 300 years was considered a secondary or supplementary job is, for me, a full time employment that I undertake with a passion for wine and traditions.
The vineyards to cultivate responsibly and with respect , to go forward and to develope them substainently is my concern and it gives me a lot of pleasure.

Peter Weis can look confidentely into the future: his son Matthias shows already signs of following in his fathers footsteps.

»No big words but a great ambition…« quote from a customer


Lissa: Supports her husband in sales, wine-tasting and organisation. Occasionally she demands (nicely) some modernisation in the business and sets her creativity to work. Then it can tend to be a bit expensive for the vinter.

Matthias: At 14 years he is still at school, helps when he can and shows a lot of interest. He has visions.

Judith and Ingo: They support the modernising suggestions from Lissa. They also cover customer service and the information technology.

Jurek,Emil,Tomek and Jarek: Without our seasonal workers we would not be able to manage all the work that has to be done and the harvest would not be able to take place.

Our natural habitat

Unsere Heimat

Here it is as beautiful as the Toskana but with water. Here I can relax rowing on the Moselle. I have sensational views when working. Here my roots run deep like my vines.

Our work

Arbeiten im Weingut

Good wine starts in the vineyard. There is always lots to do . Pruning, tying- up, weeding, ploughing, harvesting all work done by hand during the whole growing period. The work demands strength and condition. For me working in and with nature is something I do with passion and I could not imagine doing anything else. It is a challenge and fun at the same time, just like sport.

We also have favourable and unique gifts from nature herself: a stony and weathered- slate soil which, due to the steepness of the vineyard slopes, captures and retains the heat from the sun and also the special climate on the Moselle. What could be better than the freedom to plan your own work and the excitement and pleasure to be had when an experiment brings forth a new product (try our Barriccolo) which is a joy to drink.
To know other people also enjoy my products is my motivation.

Memories and Impressions of our vineyard